Stainless Steel Screws-YCS 550

Stainless Steel Screws-YCS 550

Advantages of YCS 550 (Stainless Steel 550)

- Strength and hardness equivalent to 410, corrosion resistance superior to 304 by appropriate addition of Mo, as well as by control of trace elements.
- High anti-corrosion (salt spray test exceed 2,000 hours)
- High hardness (Hv 580-620)
- One piece without welding, drilling performance superior to Bi-Metal screws.
- Shiny surfaces without any chemical treatment or coating, conform to the standard made by the European Union to preserve the environment.

Application of YCS 550 (Stainless Steel 550)

- Self-drilling screws
- Roofing screws
- Tapping screws
- Solar panel screws
- Marine application screws